Although the equestrian sport is measured by individual accomplishments, at Belle Wood Equestrian we promote a supportive team environment. We place a strong focus on proper and efficient rider development. Our coaches work with our lesson clientele to build a solid foundation in equitation and horsemanship. We establish goals with our clients and work towards the end result, whether that is to compete amongst Ontario’s best or simply feel comfortable in the saddle. 

The lesson program at Belle Wood is grouped by riding ability, providing the best possible learning experience. Our small lesson program at Belle Wood ensures each rider gets the most out of their lesson by having more time with our coaches.

Lessons start promptly and students must arrive 45 minutes prior to their lesson in order to properly prepare. Teaching proper horsemanship skills is of the most important at Belle Wood. 


Lessons run on a monthly basis with new enrollments available at the beginning of the month. For a student looking to gain more experience, Belle Wood Equestrian has multiple horses available for leases.

Safety for horse and rider are always our priority at Belle Wood. All beginner students start in private lessons to develop confidence and the ability to stop, start and steer! 

Our riding school offers day, evening and weekend lessons, all year round.

Ages five and up are welcome!



Complementary to our Lesson Program Belle Wood also offers:


  • In-House Horse Shows ** Check our EVENTS Page for 2019-2020 Dates**

  • Development and Educational Clinics

  • Sunday Practice Rides

  • Leasing and Part Boarding

  • Show Team Opportunities

  • Equestrian Canada “Learn to Ride” Rider Program

  • Equestrian Canada Coaching Mentoring and Workshops


Volunteer Program At Belle Wood


Saturday volunteering has always been a big part of  Belle Wood! This program is FREE and is a great way for Belle Wood lesson students to learn all about what it takes to run a farm, learn about horsemanship and help with lessons!

Starting in December, we are going to give ALL volunteers ONE complementary lesson on the first Sunday of the following month after the completion of volunteering for FOUR Saturdays for 4.5 Hours each. This is a great program for hard-working individuals looking to expand their knowledge and build confidence! Run by Kate, volunteers always have help to guide them through new tasks! 



Book your appointment now to get your “Intro to Riding Package” 


The "Intro to Riding" is an 8 week program that includes 8 Private Horse Back riding lessons, which allows students to build confidence and get a basic foundation on Equestrian Riding in safe controlled environment.

All Lessons Begin at the Beginning of the Month and run for 4 weeks consecutively
Belle Wood allows 1 Make Up Lesson a month to students who are returning the following month only. There is a $15.00 re-booking fee for Make-Up Lessons 


What to Bring?

  • Boots with a 1/4inch heel

  • Water

  • Lots of layers in the colder weather

  • Gloves (not mandatory, but helpful if you or your child is sensitive to friction

  • Long stretchy pants (breeches, leggings or jeans)


 1 Hour Group Lessons

(4 Per Month)

$200.00 plus HST

1 Hour Group Lessons

(5 Per Month)

$255.00 plus HST

Semi Private

 30 Minute Group Lesson

(4 Per Month)

$265.00 plus HST

30 Minute Group Lessons

(5 Per Month)

$300.00 plus HST


30 Minute Private Lesson

(4 Per Month)

$345.00 plus HST

30 Minute Private Lesson

(5 Per Month)

$395.00 plus HST

1 Hour Private Lesson

(4 Per Month)
$425.00 plus HST

Beginner Package

30 Minute Private Lessons

(8 Lessons Included)

$525.00 plus HST

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