Equine Training

Belle Wood offers training programs on their own or as a compliment to a boarding package. All training and riding is done by Belinda LaBelle-Logan.


A little bit about Belinda's Training...


Belinda's  knowledge and experience with working with race horses directly at Colbrook Racing Academy has given Belinda the education behind TB's and a solid foundation when it comes to restarting. Her patience and understanding on bringing the horse back into work plays into her success with OTTB’s.

All training horses get a full overview before entering a training program. Belinda wants to ensure that both her and the horse are starting on a clean slate. Ensureing teeth are properly done, no soreness, and health is up to par, Belinda believes that it is important and vital to the success of the program.

"Ground work is just as important as under saddle".

Belinda also has experience at starting young stock including ponies. Small in size, Belinda sits on most of her client's ponies as well.

Training Board $1550.00 /Month


  • Full Board with full use of all facilities

  • 4-5 Sessions a Month both on the horse and ground work

  • Full Body Clipping

OTTB Mare on Training
North American Sport Pony Qualifer
Belinda Schooling

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