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Equine Training

Belinda with Atticus, Marbles and Alice

 The training program at Belle Wood is run exclusively by Belinda La Belle. Belinda has plenty of experience with all types and levels of horses and ponies.


Belinda's knowledge and experience with working with race horses directly at Colbrook Racing Academy have given Belinda the education behind TB's and a solid foundation when it comes to restarting. In addition, her patience and understanding in bringing the horse back into work play into her success with OTTB's.

Belinda also specializes in calming hot and excitable horses and producing focused equine partners ready for the show ring.


All training horses get a full overview before entering our training program to ensure the horse is starting on a clean slate with no underlying issues.

Examining that teeth are properly done, no soreness, and general health is up to par, Belinda believes that this is important and vital to the success of the program.

Training Board 

Please email us for pricing and more information

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