We believe that no one program fits every horse, so each boarding package is fully customized to you and your horse’s needs. Specialized feeding, turn-out and training are just the beginning. Beyond the typical vet and farrier, Belle Wood horses have access to exceptional equine professionals such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutritionists. 


For the rider, Belle Wood Equestrian board includes the cost of four lessons a month, early access to spots in our Professional Clinics, and invites to our Friends and Family Events. We show schooling level all the way to the ‘A’s are as committed to our cheering and support as we are to our sportsmanship. 


Belle Wood Equestrian stands strongly behind our commitment to ensure uncompromising care for your equine companion. 


All horses upon arrival have a full health assessment, wormed as well as placed on a pro biotic-pre biotic while adjusting to our feed program and hay supplied by the facility.


Horse boarders are responsible for the following annual immunizations and must be current upon arrival:

  • Influenza

  • Equine Rhinopneumonitis

  • West Nile Virus

  • Tetanus Toxoid

  • Strangles

  • Rabies


Boarding Packages


Board at Belle Wood ranges from $995.00 to $1995.00

Basic Board with lessons

  • Individualized Basic Feed Program with Feeding of Supplements

  • Small Group Turnout 

  • Booting and Blanketing

  • Access to Hay, Water, and Salt in the fields. 

  • 24/7 Free Choice Hay 

  • 4 - 1 Hour Group Lessons (Groups of 5 Students)

  • Minor Wound Care and First Aid

  • Provided Saddle Pads and Polos 

  • Brushes, Coat Care and Lineament products available for use 

  • Legs cleaned daily and feet picked

  • Arranging and Holding for Vet and Farrier Appointments 

  • Arranging of therapy appointments 

  • Customised Parasite Program 

  • Tack Locker

  • Basic Laundry 

  • Use of BEMER Set - Sessions

Grand Prix Ring, Pickering, Horseback Toronto, Belinda La Belle, Horse Back Pickering

Performance  Board    


  • Individualized “Speciality Feed” Program

  • Administration of supplements supplied by owners.

  • Free Choice Hay

  • 6 Sessions a week ( Professional Training & Lessons ) 

  • Small group paddocks with access to hay,  water and salt at all times with plenty of turn-out 

  • Hoofs picked after turn-out 

  • Bedding picked out 2 - 3 times a day

  • Quarterly Jump Schools

  • Management of blanketing/booting and fly masks and fly spray in the summer

  • Management of horses health and wellness program. Farrier, vet, and various therapy appointments booked. 

  • Horses stay in during inclement weather and exercised by staff

  • Horses are kept fully clipped and mane pulled at all times at no additional charge

  • Use of facilities Back on Tracks Products & treatments (Laser / BEMER Blanket / Back on Track) 

  • Wraps on/off as needed supplied by Belle Wood

  • Saddle Pads, Boots and Polo’s supplied by Belle Wood

  • Laundry Services 

  • Brushes,  Coat Care and Lineament products available for use

  • Locker and use of the facility

  • Customized parasite program

  • Minor wound care and First Aid 

  • Management of show entries organizing & trailering  

  • Trunk and Blanket Storage

Please contact us directly,  we would be glad to put together a package to suit you and horses requirements 

Belle Wood is pleased to be able offer our Equine Partners the use of the BEMER Set