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We believe that one program does not fit every horse, so each boarding package is fully customized to you and your horse’s needs. Specialized feeding, turn-out and training are just the beginning. Beyond the typical vet and farrier, Belle Wood horses have access to exceptional equine professionals such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutritionists. 

Belle Wood board includes the cost of our yearly program. Our show program includes the North/East zone at Essa and 1060 Stables. Belle Wood stand firmly to our commitment of uncompromising care for your equine athletes.

Basic Board

Available in Indoor & Pasture Board 

  • 12 x 12 rubber-matted stalls with windows

  • Individual feed programs

  • High-quality hay sourced locally (Small Squares and Rounds)

  • Daily mucking, with premium dust-free bedding

  • 12 x 12 rubber-matted stalls with window

  • Group turn-out, AM or PM turn-out available. 

  • Blanketing 

  • 24/7 on-site, friendly, knowledgeable staff 

  • Trailer parking available 

Outdoor Board is also available with full access to all facilities. In addition, a stall is always open in the event of injury. 

Elite Board

  • Yearly training/lesson program - horses are maintained in a professional training program year round.

  • Managment of show programming & entries

  • Quarterly jump schools

  • Hay and/or hay cubes as required

  • Individualized feed program 

  • Deep bedding, picked out 3-4x daily

  • Quiet turn out 

  • Blanketing changes as required

  • Booting for turn-out & hooves picked

  • Fly spray & masking in Spring/Summer months

  • Horses in during inclement weather & handwalked/lunged

  • Minor wound care & first aid

  • Provided saddle pads & polos 

  • Supplied brushes, linements, poutlices , cottons & wraps

  • Legs cleaned daily & feet picked

  • Stable bandaging & removal of cottons & wraps as needed

  • Arranging & holding for vet & farrier appointments 

  • Full use of therapy technologies (BEMER, Nuebilzer, IceVibe, variety of Back on Track therapies, Incrediwear.)

  • Tack Locker

  • Laundry 

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